Our new online training course provides the tools for local Riverlanders to become ambassadors for their region, driving increased visitation and boosting the local economy.

Destination Riverland with the support of Regional Development Australia, Murraylands and Riverland have developed this course aimed at Riverlanders who have an interface with the public and highlights important information and facts about the region.

It is important that you read all the information in the module, and click on all the buttons, including the 'know more' icons. You will not be able to progress to the next page without doing so. We want you to soak up as much information about the Riverland as possible!

Once you have completed the course, Destination Riverland will contact you and provide you with a Riverland Ambassador Pin and certificate. You will be recognised as a Riverland Ambassador and also be invited to Riverland Ambassador functions!

We are encouraging all Riverland Businesses to take on the challenge for ALL of their staff to complete the course and be recognised as a business that employs Riverland Ambassadors with a sticker for their window!

Click here to begin the course.

**Please read**

Once you fill in your details, a page may appear saying 'Popup blocked.' Please disable popup blockers for this site to complete this course.

The course website also collects cookies in order for it to collect your answers or rembember where you left off in the course. Please enable cookies for the course website.