January events in the riverland 2018

January, the time of the year gym memberships skyrocket,#fitspo posts on social media go off the chart. New year new me… yeah yeah yeah, we get it! 2018 is going to be your year! So start it the best way possible, In the RIVERLAND! January is an awesome time to check out this amazing place. The sun is out, the River looks amazing and with SO many events to check out there really is no excuse.

Still have an excuse?

Read these below then tell us your reason.

23rd Street Distillery

Every Friday evening in January

Once a winery, now reborn into an amazing distillery! 23rd street distillery is simply a little bit fancy, but not grandma’s best china fancy, trust us you can relax in this place while sampling some of the best spirits you will find in Australia. What’s even better during January, Friday cocktail nights are back! It’s the perfect way to start your weekend adventure in the Riverland or just unwind after a big week at the desk trying to work out of that last meeting you had could have been an email instead.

Back to it, get your crew together Friday nights in January and check out 23rd Street Distillery. (Don’t worry, if you can’t make it on a Friday it’s also pretty cool on any day that ends with Y)

Bookings appreciated on 08 8586 8500


Woolshed Brewery

All January.  

It doesn’t really matter when you drop in at the Wilkadine brewery for a tasty ale, it’s always pretty good(massive understatement), but in January it’s just that little bit better(also a massive understatement). As a wise person told me once, “its 5pm in the world somewhere”

Having a woolshed brewery drink in any pub is good, but having it beside the River at the actual home of the brew takes it to the next level. You can arrive by road but if you want that “next level experience” try and arrive by boat.

As well as the locally made brews there’s also some tasty food options on weekends, check out woolshed brewery on Facebook to get the complete details.  

Caudo Vineyard – Australia day!

The lawn surface at the Adelaide oval might be pretty good, but you can’t drink sangria on it can you? (if you do you probably won’t be watching cricket any time soon) One place you can enjoy sangria and nice lawn is Caudo Vineyard! Way before sangria was on every cooking show and hipster instagram post this place was delivering the goods to the top level.  

As well as amazing sangria, wine & food this Australia day at Caudo vineyard is going to see something never seen in the Riverland before! Slip and Dip – no not a catchy tasty dip from the supermarket but a massive inflatable playground for all to enjoy! Plus if you do miss it on Australia day it will be there until the 28th - AMAZING!

Music from Off Ya Trio and you can even camp there for the small price of $10, serious that doesn’t even get you a bottle of water and a pie at the footy!  


Jan 13 – Starts at 5.30PM

We’ve all had that mate or family member that’s into real estate and bangs on all the time about “location, location location” and I tell you the location of Rivafest is enough for any real estate agent to get a little weak at the knees! The best thing is, the location is only a small part of how great this event is. Rivafest aims to celebrate the Riverland, the food, the drinks, the people and the River and we think it does this plus more…. A whole heap more in fact!  

Enjoying your favorite Riverland drink, eating some great food, watching the sun set over the Renmark Riverfront while enjoying some great music. It seriously doesn’t get much better.  

Once the sun sets and amazing fireworks display will light up the Renmark sky, tell us about an event that’s uncool that has fireworks? – NONE!

In terms of a celebration, this is a pretty good one so check it out!

You can even pre-book a ticket and save a few dollars - https://www.renmarkparinga.sa.gov.au/rivafest

Boat racing/motorsport on the Berri Riverfront

27th January
Wanting some high horsepower adrenalin to spice up your January? The Riverland has you covered.

Nothing quite compares to the sound of a racing speedboats thundering down the Murray River and Saturday the 27th of January you can experience this for FREE! Yep, that’s right FREE!

All you need to do is get your spot early on the Berri Riverfront to see some of Australia’s fastest powerboats thundering past. The Riverland Powerboat Club Berri Hotel Trophy day is set to provide entertainment from 9.30 AM so if you’re not there you’ll probably hear the boats anyway! Follow the sound or head for the Berri riverfront!   

Still wanting more?

Barmera’s award winning markets are on Sunday the 21st of January, pick up some homemade crafts, enjoy a coffee and most importantly start off your Riverland Sunday the right way.  

Plus the Cobdogla steam museum twilight train rides operate during January, enjoy a nice relaxing train ride through the vines and native scrub. You may even see a kangaroo or three.

More info call the museum – (08) 8588 7055


Don’t forget about the Village historic Loxton either, it’s open Tuesday to Sunday and you can check out how things were done from an era before Snapchat! The village is filled with exhibits and tells the story of the pioneers who occupied the region from 1990-1950.  

More info call the village - (08) 8584 7194


Still have an excuse for not exploring the Riverland this January?


Written by Lachie Winnall