Advice to Fisher Persons

Oct 6, 2015

So if you want to go somewhere to fish without every man and his dog knowing all about it you need to get a little bit sneaky.

Like waiting for a noisy ski or houseboat to go by. Then you take off up river until you find a big shady willow tree with lots of overhang. You can now tie up to a bunch of its drooping branches.

Here's a bit of 'river smarts' for you townies!

If you tie up to a root or a tree on the bank when a boat wash hits you will just about get tossed out of the tinnie. But a supple willow branch acts like a sort of shock absorber. Now you can even stand your stubby on the gunwales without it being tossed overboard.

It takes some thought and experimentation over quite a few beers to get all the creature comforts right for a comfortable afternoon's fishing.

First you place an aluminium folding chair exactly amidships so the boat won't lean too much.

Then you load an esky with life sustaining liquids along with a trannie to listen to the cricket.

And finally your fishing gear.

But some people get a bit suspicious of anyone stationary on the water. It is advisable to appear as if you are engaged in some worthwhile pursuit – like poaching set-lines or emptying your neighbours' yabby traps.

Or you can do what I do. Rig your rod with a good sized sinker, throw it over board and don't bait the hook!

You are then free to snooze the afternoon away listening to the cricket – which would put most people to sleep. And sipping on enough life-sustaining fluid to thoroughly stop any chance of dehydration.

At the same time you are avoiding the energy of actually catching fish!

Us blokes in Renmark are a cunning lot!

Author - Grandpabrian

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