Choose your own adventure in the Murray River National Park without a car

May 8, 2016

The Bulyong Island section of the Murray River National Park, north of Renmark offers an experience with a difference. The Island is surrounded by Ral Ral Creek and the Murray River making the floodplain island only accessible by water. The Island has a huge network of interconnecting creeks that support aquatic life and native vegetation, making it the perfect area for canoeing, fishing or a leisurely cruise.   

Bulyong, Kylie, Nelbuck and No Duck might sound like names for celebrity babies, but these are the names for some of the creeks and lagoons that can be explored around Bulyong Island. Launching the tinny or canoe from the Gawler Street or Jane Elisa boat ramps onto Ral Ral Creek will allow you to discover one of the longest continuous creeks in the Riverland and the creeks that stem from it.

Once on the water, you’ll be transported to a place that feels miles away from civilisation. A feeling that is synonymous with the River. It feels as if time has slowed, allowing you to completely take in your serene surroundings.

Choose your own adventure, by cruising or paddling along the different waterways, there is no set trail. On the water you are free to explore and make your own discoveries.

Don’t be fooled by the name No Duck Lagoon, there will be ducks present! Also, don’t be deterred by thickets of reeds that appear to block your path. Look for the way through made by previous water users, and embrace the closeness of the environment around you.

Red gums that have fallen over creeks set interesting and eerie scenes for unique photography. Trees that have fallen into the water create habitat for fish, the perfect spot to wet a line and catch some dinner.

There are plenty of places to have a picnic on the bank and go for a short walk into the untamed wilderness. Keep an eye out for emus, kangaroos and don’t forget to gaze at the skies for circling whistling kites or even a wedge tailed eagle.

Bulyong Island is the essence of “Rivertime”, immerse yourself in the River environment, feel the full effects of being on the water, and see the world from a different perspective.

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