Riverland Dinghy Derby


What’s believed to have started between two gentleman to see who’s tinny was faster back in the day, has now morphed into a truly unique Riverland sport & a spectacle that must be seen to be believed!


What starts off life a small fishing tinny gets reinforced and engineered to take up to a modified 30hp motor. Once modified tweaked and tuned some of the top guys are push 90KP/H! It can come unstuck pretty quick if the driver and navigator aren’t working together. The driver needs to know when to back off the throttle and the navigator needs to know where to move to keep the boat stable. One wrong move and it’s all over!

So why should you check out the Dinghy Derby and Dash 4 Dash? 

1. – It’s amazing!

The Dash 4 Cash and Dinghy Derby weekend starts off with a bang on the Friday afternoon and evening on the Renmark riverfront. Dead set where else would you rather be on a Riverland evening? This tight twisty course sees the teams navigate themselves around the buoys at high speed! 

So get your spot early either on the lawn, or if you’re lucky on the deck of the Renmark Club and embrace the Riverland dinghy club’s first event of the year! New teams, new drivers, new boats all under the high pressure environment of massive crowd watching.

If you stuff it up, you’ll be told about it for years. Legit!

Food and drink vendors, kids entertainment and a half time display are all part of the event.

Then rest up on Saturday, soak up the Riverland vibe and get keen for Sunday’s Dinghy Derby, the granddaddy of all tinny races! You can watch the start and finish from the Renmark Riverfront or get your boat, or jump in someone else’s and get you spot on the back of the creeks to see the real action.

Pack your lunch as it’s going to be a big day and get your spot early because getting that great spot is vital. It’s somewhat surreal on the bank of what is usually a tranquil backwater with heaps of other dinghy racing spectators. For this day the banks become a grand stand for spectators to see all the thrills and spills.

What’s been dubbed “carnage corner” on the exit of the Kylie Creek is a prime spot to watch this great spectacle. Why is it called carnage corner? We’ll let your imagination run wild on this one but we will say it hasn’t got this name for no reason.

Need to know where to go? – www.dinghyderby.com.au


2 – It’s unique

Yep, it’s true you won’t see this anywhere else in the world! This homegrown sport is not seen anywhere else. Seriously racing a tinny? Who does that? If that doesn’t hummm “Straya” I don’t know what does.

3 – The smell

Once humble two stroke outboard boat motors these things in racing form pack a fair punch! The motor of choice the Yamaha 30HP 3 cylinder which Yamaha no longer produce. So if a dinghy racer knocks on your door trying to buy your fishing motor you know why.  Other motors have been tried over the years but the tried and tested Yamaha is the way to go (if you can find one)

And oh yeah and that smell ……… TWO STROKE!

4 - It’s a great night/day out.


Both Friday night’s dash for cash and Sunday’s dinghy derby is a little like going to the cricket, sure the action is amazing but you can have the best time without even seeing a boat! Dead set we know people that have gone to the Dash 4 Cash evening and not seen one boat race but yet had a great night.

Get your crew together, get the picnic sorted and get ready for a great night and day out!

But do try and watch the boats……… for a bit anyway!

5 – it’s the Riverland

The Riverland loves a good time and loves getting out in the Tinny! This event just sums up the Riverland is one, having a great time with your mates on the river being in the actual race or just watching and soaking up the Riverland vibe!

Trust us, you’ll love it!


Written by Lachie Winnall


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Riverland Dinghy Club Dash 4 Cash

Friday 1st February 2019 - Racing starts from 2pm

On the River Murray Directly in front of the Renmark Club, Renmark , 5341




2019 RDC Dinghy Derby

Sunday 3rd February 2019 - Racing starts from 10am

River Murray directly in front of the Renmark Club, Renmark, 5341 or check out the spectator map below




Spectator Map

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