Winter in the Riverland is warm...

Aug 6, 2015

Just back home to Renmark this week after a weekend in Melbourne where the temperature hovered around 5 degrees with a chilly wind chill and rain. It was Melbourne as we all know it can be, and with that comes the realisation that we are lucky in winter in the Riverland, you forget that even though our winters are colder than our very hot summers, relatively speaking Riverland winters are mild and they are much warmer than most of southern Australia.

The sun is almost always out, it doesn’t snow or sleet here and when it does rain, there is no mud because of our red sandy soils soaking up the water and storing it for spectacular cereal crops now flourishing, or giving our beautiful orange trees a free drink . Average daily maximums of 18 to 20 degrees is pretty fantastic and a good jumper or fleece will get you through the mornings, and because you don’t shiver, food and wine can still be enjoyed outdoors.

In fact it is arguably the best time of year to take a houseboat holiday because the mild weather makes for perfect riverbank walks and campfires, plus the river is that bit quieter without the water skiers and wakeboarders who will all be back for the summer. And when it’s quiet you can every bird in the bush as they start wearing their magnificent breeding plumage that will attract a mate for spring, and that will be here soon enough.

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