Brittany Evins

Brittany's passion for the riverland and its people lead to her being named the  2017 Renmark rose festival ambassador 

Brittany grew up in Adelaide, but soon after learning how to walk, was standing on her dad's ski's learning to ski - a passion she's had now for over 23 years. While studying Journalism, she managed to score a job with the ABC in her last year of University and moved to work with 1062 ABC Riverland in August 2016.

As part of the 2017 Riverland Rose Festival, Brittany chose to raise money for the Riverland Suicide Prevention Network and in doing so organised three of her own events; Riverside Pilates, a Rosé & Cheese Afternoon and a Greek Night. Her hard work paid off as she managed to fundraise $3,000. Now on the committee for the festival, Brittany is really passionate about getting others involved and growing the festival. "There's so much potential to push it even further! I've been an active part of our re-brand this year and hope to help the festival for many years to come."

Like many people, Brittany’s love for the Riverland stems from the appreciation of our beautiful river.

“My favourite thing about the Riverland would have to be having the River Murray right on my doorstep. I always thought the day I would be living on the river would be when I was retiring. Turns out I’ve found the opposite!”

Whilst there are many great spots, Brittany’s favourite place to sit back and enjoy a Riverland wine is anywhere that has a spectacular view, whether that be of the Murray river or sweeping vineyards.

Brittany describes being surrounded by her beautiful friends and family at the Renmark Rose Festival Gala Dinner night in 2017 as one of her favourite memories shared in the Riverland. “I’ll never forget stepping off the stage to a beaming crowd of wonderful new and old friends, or the dance moves that were flaunted on the d-floor that night - good and bad.”

Asked what surprises her friends the most about the visiting the Riverland, Brittany reveals that the most surprising thing is how welcoming and friendly the people are. Particularly, when you’re taking a stroll down the street and are greeted with big smiles and a welcoming “Hello, how’s it going?"

Not an overly avid fisherman herself, Brittany laughs that she tends to eat and drink all the supplies before she even catches a fish. However, she certainly has a few secret swimming and skiing spots around the region! Taking a swim down at the Sandbar as the sun’s setting is her absolute bliss.

During the summer months, the Riverland is blessed with daylight savings, allowing more hours out in the sunshine or on the water, and Brittany simply can’t get enough of the Murray River. “In summer, you can’t beat exploring the winding backwaters for the perfect camping spot, going for a swim or a ski after work, and the Dinghy Derby. “

As for winter, Brittany sums it up perfectly when she says;

 “In winter, I think of enjoying beautiful local red wines, gathering around a toasty fire; and really, have you lived if you haven't got up to watch the sunrise over the mist covered river? No photo will ever do it justice.”


Brittany Evins, ABC Riverland Journalist, Renmark Rose Festival and Riverland Ambassador