The Riverland is a ‘twitchers’ paradise, the network of National Parks and protected wetlands mean there is always an abundance of birdlife.

Visitors and locals alike are constantly delighted by glimpses of these rare beauties around secluded bends and peaceful clearings.

Murtho Forest Reserve has examples of spectacular cliff formations, with swallows nesting under ledges, kingfishers burrowing into tunnels and Peregrine falcons perching on ledges to observe their prey. On the floodplain and wetlands at Loch Luna Game Reserve or Moorook Game Reserve, you may see ducks, swans, spoonbills, ibis and egrets

Every spring the beautiful Rainbow Bee-eater returns from northern Australia to nest in the sandy soils along the river, heading north once more in the autumn.

In Brookfield Conservation Park you may see Regent parrots feeding in the mallee landscapes, before returning to their red gum hollows along the river. Bronze-wing pigeons will barrel through the woodlands at dusk for an evening drink at the river, and return in a similar hurry.

Banrock Station Wetlands offers fantastic opportunities for bird watching through its network of bird hides situated along the boardwalk. Featuring fantastic interpretive information and strategically placed seating Banrock provides a rewarding experience for the novice twitcher through to the more experienced bird enthusiast.

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