Camping & Fishing

The Riverland boasts numerous peaceful campsites including National Parks or free sites along red gum-lined creeks and river banks that stretch for thousands of kilometres.

Plan a quiet camping trip during the cooler months and enjoy the clean air, tranquillity, outdoor cooking and even try fishing for your next meal.

Fishing Regulations 

Anglers should note that some species are protected, there are closed seasons and size and bag limits apply. If you’re unsure of any regulations, send a free text message with just the name of the fish to the SMSFish number: 0427 767 995. You’ll receive an immediate response with the official size, bag and boat limit that applies to that species, as well as closed season information. Alternately, phone 1800 065 522 or visit

National Parks

Camping Parks that require a permit include Murray River National Park, Danggali Conservation Reserve, Chowilla Game Reserve and Loch Luna Game Reserve. 
Click here to download the ‘Parks of the Riverland’ or 'Camping in SA National Parks' Brochures.

Mornings and evenings are the best times for fishing year-round; during the cooler months the climate is perfect for fishing all day. Finding a secret spot is part of the fishing journey.

Deep holes, sand bars, under logs, slight current, below the locks and beneath willows are all prime fish habitats at different times of the day and year. The most popular angling and eating fish is Callop, also known as Golden Perch or Yellow Belly.

The legendary Murray Cod can grow to more than a metre and is a prized catch, complete with bragging rights, but they must be returned to the water after you’ve taken the photo. During some months and in certain locations the Murray Cod is a protected species, call 1800 065 522 before your trip.

The famous Murray River yabby is typically abundant from October to April, especially after high winter and spring flows. It is a delicacy and great fun to catch. Native fish baits are popular and include shrimp and small yabbies caught in small nets.

Fishing tackle stores and many local general stores will carry a supply of fishing lures and worms, along with nets for fresh bait catching. For keen fishers and novices, or parents taking the kids on their first fishing trip, there is easy road access to most parts of the Murray River for bank fishing. All the major towns have boat ramps providing easy access for boat fishers to explore the river and the creeks.

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