From swagging it with hundreds of pelicans with their wings stretching out over 3 metres wide; to canoeing through the twisted madness of the Murray’s backwater sanctuaries; to being overawed by the magnificent glowing red and orange riverbanks that rise so high above you like mountains as you glide along the river in a luxury houseboat; to being amongst one of the world’s largest and most diverse bird havens with over 190 species… the Riverland is where you’ll feel gobsmacked by nature’s awe.






If you’re a keen camper, you’ll know there’s nothing quite like pitching your tent (or parking your van) on the bank of a quiet creek or lagoon and experiencing nature firsthand. Imagine waking to mirror-like water where the only sounds are the early chatter of cheeky cockatoos and the occasional flop of fish leaping for a hopeful meal of unsuspecting insects.


The Riverland is home to the most picturesque National Parks. Start your journey by setting up camp and immersing yourself in nature. You can view all the bookable parks on the Parks SA site here.




One thing a nature lover can be guaranteed of while camping in the Riverland is the diverse range of activities. Use your campsite as a base to explore this incredible region.


Recently being awarded for their sustainability practices and Ecotourism experiences, Banrock Station is a Wine & Wetland Centre based at Kingston on Murray. Put on your walking shoes and take one of three self-guided walking trails or get the full experience of a guided walking tour with their experienced guides. Along the way you’ll get to experience the magnificently restored wetlands with story centres, information huts and bird-viewing hides.


By now you’re probably ready for something to eat and drink – well you don’t have to go far! Enjoy the panoramic views of the vineyards and wetlands from Banrock’s cellar door while you enjoy one of their guided wine flights or a delicious lunch on the deck from their menu that showcases the best of Riverland produce.



After a day of walking (and a belly full of delicious food and wine!) it’s time to relax. In winter, sit by the campfire while your dinner cooks in the camp oven or in the warmer weather, perch yourself under the shade of a gumtree with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other. It is common to see pelicans perched on logs or kangaroos and emus drinking on the banks. As it turns to night, gaze at the night sky littered with stars before turning in.




If you’ve brought your own kayak or canoe, put it in for a paddle and explore the incredible meandering backwaters. Paddle through the waters in Murray River National Park or try out Loch Luna, just to name a few. If you want to hire or take a guided tour, Canoe the Riverland and Canoe Adventures Riverland have an array of options for you. As you meander through you may spot birds such as ducks, swans, spoonbills, ibis and egrets.



Back at camp, cook a bbq for lunch and enjoy an afternoon nap or if you don’t mind a spot of fishing you can throw in a line as well.

[TIP: Mornings and evenings are best for fishing year-round, but in the cooler months, the Riverland climate is perfect for all-day angling.]



Pack a picnic and head to Lake Bonney in Barmera. Here you can walk along the newly established walking trail. Find a spot to perch on your picnic blanket and watch the sunset over the lake as the pelicans glide by. If you love your photography you’re in for a treat as on a clear night, Lake Bonney is one of the best places to capture the Milky Way.




If you want an all-in-one nature experience book your spot with the award-winning Murray River Trails for a private guided multi-day walking and houseboating experience.


Start planning your trip now and get ready to be awed by the nature of the Riverland.