Jenny Semmler

Together with her husband Eric, Jenny is the Proprietor of 919 Wines; a small family owned organic winery in the Riverland.

Jenny is a former Quality Manager for Accolade Wines, former assistant winemaker in Victoria and registered pharmacist. She was also a finalist in the SA Telstra Business Womens Awards 2013 and Owner/Operator of the Year for the Women in Wine Awards 2016.

Read more about Jenny and her passion for the Riverland region below.

I joined Destination Riverland as I have a strong commitment to giving back to the community that I live in. I have a firm belief that the Riverland has untapped potential as a tourism destination and want to show the rest of the world why I love this corner of Australia so much.

I love the purity of the environment and the beauty of the landscape with each passing season. In the winter I love the crisp mornings and cloudless eggshell blue skies, and the bright citrus like Christmas decorations on the trees. Spring is lush with mallee flowers and the onset of the most delicious fresh fruit. The smell of orange blossom on the breeze is sweet and sentimental, and reminds me that this is home. In the summer I love the cool river contrasted to the dry desert heat, and the evening breeze they call “the Doctor”. But autumn is my favourite time, when the grape harvest is in full swing. Then the vine leaves slowly change to vibrant crimson and gold, the nights are cool but the days are sunny and warm, and the last of the fruit are harvested.

I have been involved in a number of projects within the wine industry and also within tourism. I was involved in international technical group that was looking at wine packaging options. 919 Wines has spent over a decade working to raise the profile of Riverland wines for all Riverland wineries. I am pleased to wear my DR hat at every consumer event I attend as an advocate for the region.

Favourite spots in the Riverland:

•    For dinner: Mallee Fowl Restaurant, Eleni’s, 1080 Bar and Grill, Barmera Hotel, Loxton Hotel, PK’s Kitchen at the Loxton North Football Club.

•    For lunch: Bella Lavender, Sprout’s Cafe

•    For coffee: Arrosto

•    For alcohol: Blind Tiger Gin from Angove, Whiskey from 23rd Street Distillery, Montepulciano from Whistling Kite and of course our very own 919 for Durif.

•    For the serenity: a houseboat - anywhere is excellent, the scenery changes from minute to minute and the light dances on the landscape. Our favourite trip is upriver from Customs House where there are very few people and lots of wildlife.

•    For “fishing”: we take a bottle of bubbles and a picnic to Lyrup riverfront and read a book and watch the boats and birds. What do you mean, where are the rods?

•    For walking: A Special Place for Jimmy James followed by the Martins Bend loop, or the long walk around the wetlands at Banrock Station.

•    For majesty and grandeur: Watching the sun set over Lake Bonney, then seeing the black velvet sky studded with diamond stars drawn across the sky. At Easter, we love the combined churches dawn service as the sun rises and the lake comes alive with birdlife.

Our friends are always surprised at how varied the landscape is in the Riverland, how beautiful it is and how much there is to do.

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